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Boulder D.A. on fetal homicide bill

This is the testimony Boulder District Attorney Stan Garnett gave in 2013 in favor of the bill that he now (in 2015) says prevents him from filing the charge of murder against the woman who cut an unborn baby from her mother's womb, killing the young child.

Most telling is his answer to my question of whether or not the unborn child is a human being (the question is at the three minute mark on the audio clip).

To open the audio file click on: Garnett Testimony.

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Here is a collection comments Senator Lundberg made concerning the "dirty dozen" tax increase bills and how it violates TABOR.

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"Take it to a Vote of the People"

The Colorado Constitution requires that the people vote on tax increases. Senator Lundberg brought eight amendments to the Senate, one for each of the "dirty dozen" bills, to refer the bill to a vote of the people. Every one of them was defeated in March, 2010.

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Nomination of Dan Maes

The video is a bit rough, as it was taken with a small hand held camera from the middle of the auditorium, but it captures the energy of the moment as Senator Lundberg nominates Dan Maes for governor at the Republican State Assembly on May 22, 2010.

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Clear the Bench

State Senator Kevin Lundberg discusses how the court ignored Article 10, Section 20 of the Colorado Constitution in their interpretation of Referendum C. February 10, 2010.

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Colorado Health Insurance Coverage Mandate

Senator Lundberg's comments on Colorado House Bill 10-1021 Concerning required coverages for reproductive services for health insurance policies on Friday, March 12, 2010.

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Internet Sales Tax

February 10, 2010. State Senator Kevin Lundberg argues against HB-1193, the internet sales tax. This is the bill that caused to cut all of its affiliate business with Colorado businesses. This bill is not a tax increase as much as it is a tax enforcement bill. If it is ever fully implemented it will significantly change interstate sales tax policy. Senator Lundberg's discussion at the mic was primarily concerning the dysfunctional nature of this bill. After all of the inevitable court challenges and a probable wholesale lack of enforcement, it is doubtful that this bill will ever be fully implemented.

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Sugar Tax Economics

Senator Kevin Lundberg discusses the economics of the sugar tax, HB 1191, on the floor of the Colorado Senate on February 8th, 2010.

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Sugar Tax is Illegal Without a Vote of the People

Senator Kevin Lundberg offers an amendment to the sugar tax on the floor of the Colorado Senate on February 8th, 2010. The amendment would have at least made the tax constitutional by requiring it to be approved by a vote of the people.

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Ag Tax Debate

February 8, 2010 debate on increasing sales taxes on agriculture. The bill enacted a tax on "agricultural compounds" and some other items used by agriculture.

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Sugar Tax Debate

Senator Kevin Lundberg discusses the illegal sugar tax on the floor of the Colorado State Senate on February 8th. The tax was passed, with no Republicans supporting it, on February 10th.

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Healthcare Freedom Rally

The video is a bit shaky, as it was taken with a small hand-held camera. Hundreds of people came out for this rally for healthcare freedom that John Caldera and the Independence Institute organized on the West steps of the capitol on January 19, 2010.

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Save, Don't Spend!

October 17, 2008, Senator Lundberg helps kick off the "Save, Don't Spend!" road trip. He points out that he has pushed for a rainy day fund for years.

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Estes Park Fire

I woke up before dawn in Estes Park hearing a man shouting FIRE!! GET OUT!! It was across the street, where flames soon enveloped the Park Theatre Mall. Heroic firemen worked hard to save the historic theatre next door. Here are my observations of this extraordinary event.

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