Printed on 1/9/21

Precinct Map

Fort Collins - Loveland - Estes Park - Berthoud

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Larimer County Precinct Bounderies:

Click on the part of the county map you wish to see the details of. For a higher resolution of the county areas, first click on the "Use Larger Map Sizes" link above. For a higher resolution map of individual towns, click on their links listed above. Precinct boundaries are small dotted lines, however, because other boundaries are also shown on this map, sometimes the precinct boundaries are difficult to read. In addition, please be patient with the size of the map files and the requirement to scroll around the maps on the screen: the original map was 12 feet wide and 8 feet high!

This map is only Larimer County precints because the Weld County precinct map for House District 49 was not availiable at the time we posted this resource.

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