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U.S. Senate vote on EPA regulations

June 10, 2010 Contact: Rachel Boxer

Lundberg to Bennet and Udall: please overturn EPA "endangerment" finding

Sen. Kevin Lundberg, R-Berthoud, is urging Colorado's U.S. Senators to overturn the Environmental Protection Agency's "endangerment" finding that carbon dioxide -- the very substance human beings exhale -- is a danger to the public welfare.

"We're not talking about a knee jerk reaction to an oil spill in the Gulf," Lundberg said. "We're talking about the EPA taking authority they don't have and declaring carbon dioxide a pollutant, which is absurd."

A resolution to overturn the EPA findings is being offered by U.S. Sen. Lisa Murkowski, R-AK, and is up for a vote this afternoon. Lundberg said he hopes that Sens. Michael Bennet and Mark Udall will let Congress do its job and block what he sees as an unprecedented power grab by the EPA.

"The EPA has already positioned itself to regulate fuel economy, set climate policy and amend the Clean Air Act, powers never delegated to it by Congress," Lundberg said. "Enough is enough. We need to restore the constitutional separation of powers and put the EPA in its place."

Regulating greenhouse gases under the 1970 Clean Air Act has already proven to be disastrous for the economy and freedom of this country. "Congress needs to reign in the EPA," Lundberg said. "Their job is to enforce the law, not write it."


Colorado Senate Leadership Affirms Free Speech Rights


Senator Renfroe 303-866-4451

Senator Lundberg 970-532-3070

DENVER " (January 10, 2010) Colorado State Senator Scott Renfroe (R " Greeley) and State Senator Kevin Lundberg (R " Berthoud) made the following statements regarding action by the Senate Committee on Ethics.

A complaint was quickly dismissed by Senate Leadership against Senator Renfroe for quoting the Bible during debate.

The same complaint that Senate Leadership dismissed named Senator Lundberg because he sponsored a "Pastor's Day" at the capitol and called for the senator to be charged with a bias motivated crime if he sponsored another similar event.

Sen. Renfroe said, The Demacrat Leadership of the Senate saw this for what it is and did the right thing by quickly dismissing this politically motivated harassment. All Coloradoans, including elected officials, have the right to speak from our deepest convictions and to advocate for what we believe based on those principles. This was a blatant attempt to silence our free speech rights.

This attack is just another example of the Lefts lack of tolerance and their anti-religious bigotry. This outrageous complaint is exactly the line of thinking that shows how dangerous hate crimes legislation passed by Congress is and how some want to use it, stated Sen. Renfroe.

Sen. Lundberg said, "I commend the Senate leadership for acting quickly to dismiss this frivolous complaint. As elected officials we must give serious consideration to all matters brought before us, particularly when it is has the gravity of an ethics concern. However, to claim that it is a crime to encourage pastors and church leaders to meet in our state capitol building is beyond belief.

For the past several months, in cooperation with the Colorado Family Institute, I have been working on a similar event for this year. I intend to follow through with my plans, stated Sen. Lundberg.


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