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2010 Election

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This election is about the ideals and values that have made us a free and prosperous nation. For me, these principles of good government are not just for speeches during elections, it is how I vote.

Please help me reach out to the tens of thousands of voters in Senate District 15 with our message of life and liberty.

I also want all to know that I will always run a positive campaign and I urge any who may speak on my behalf to take the high road as well. For my response to the negative attack ads which have been leveled against me go to the "answers to attack ads" page.

Please use this page and those listed on the side as a resource for information and action during the 2010 election.

-Senator Kevin Lundberg

Announcement Speech

On August 17, in North Shore Park in Loveland, Colorado I announced my intention to seek election to Senate District 15 in the 2010 election. Here is the text of my speech:

Friends, neighbors, fellow patriots, thank you for joining with me at this rally for freedom. I call it a rally for freedom, because at the end of the day, that is what it is all about. We are here to stand up for our God given freedoms.

Our constitutional republic was formed to guarantee our unalienable rights of life and liberty, it was never intended to compete with those rights. Anyone who steps forward to seek election to any office should, first and foremost, defend our freedoms. We should never put laws in place that erode our rights and our personal responsibilities. Our job is the same as it was in 1776 when the patriots of that day agreed that "We hold these truths to be self-evident: - that all men are created equal; and that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights; that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness."

For the past seven years I have, to the best of my ability, represented 'we the people' in the Colorado legislature. Today, because far too often our government still compromises our God-given liberties, I am formally announcing my intention to stay in the battle and seek election to Senate District 15 in 2010.

When we discuss unalienable rights I want us to understand that these are not rights the government can grant, or subsidize, or bail-out, or create an entitlement out of. These are God given attributes and responsibilities that free citizens enjoy. These are the building blocks of liberty and it is my job to defend them.

At our state capitol this battle we are engaged in is played out through the hundreds of bills we debate and decide upon every year. When I have introduced legislation it is always with an eye on how it affects our liberty.

That is why I introduced, and worked hard to get the bills passed, that now allow deep discounts in prescription drugs and gas at the fuel pump. Legislation I introduced now requires government jurisdictions to clearly identify all automated photo radar systems which they have placed on our streets. This past session the final action of the Senate on the final day was to pass my resolution urging the U.S. Congress to end their budget-busting earmarking process. A few years ago I discovered that Colorado law prohibited any copying and sharing of our statues without specific, written permission from the capitol staff! My legislation changed that. While still protecting the integrity of our published law books, you now do not need permission to copy and distribute the very laws by which you are governed. In addition, I have successfully run over 10 other measures that were endorsed by both the House and the Senate.

But some of the bills I have carried have not passed because I don't just run easy bills. I have the courage and the fortitude to take on the tough issues.
Among these are measures that honor the intrinsic values of life and marriage, and bills that limit and reform taxes and eminent domain. My record is clear and I will continue to champion the principles of limited, honest, and morally upright government.

My battle, indeed our battle, also includes speaking out against and not voting for the bad bills. The just enacted car tax is an example of what I have fought against. In fact, I will be trying to repeal the worst parts of that law next session. There was also the elimination of the spending cap on the general fund, the constitution defying property tax increase, the elimination of the senior homestead property tax exemption, the half-billion dollar hospital bed tax, the seemingly innumerable fee increases and regulatory increases... and last, but certainly not least, for the past several years, the overall budget that spends too much and therefore assumes we will tax the people that much more.

Our battle for freedom also involves taking a stand on the biggest issues of our day, like leading the charge against the global warming hysteria. Man-made carbon dioxide is not destroying our planet and we don't have to cripple our economy to try to save it. What we should do is be good stewards of our land, our air and our water, develop new and efficient alternatives in energy production and its use. And we should fully utilize, in a responsible fashion, all of the vast energy resources we have been blessed with here in the great state of Colorado.

We also must insist that Washington not take complete control of medicine. We will not fix the big problems that we do have in our medical systems by turning it all over to government bureaucrats and commissions.

The real answers lie in getting back to a true free market system that puts the decisions and the responsibilities directly into the hands of you and your doctor. That means the state and Federal mandates have to go away. Citizens should be allowed to buy insurance from any state in the Union. Tort reform must release doctors from a constant fear of spending more of their time and money in the court room than in their own clinic. Alternatives to traditional insurance, like cost sharing programs and health savings accounts should be promoted, and not regulated out of existence. Additionally, alternative modalities of care and treatment should be allowed and encouraged. Our medical systems should not be hung up with rigid laws and regulations that drive up costs and may hold back the best and latest discoveries for good health.

We need, and I continue to work for, cost saving reforms in Medicaid and school choice. Just this year, a bill I ran for educational tax credits could have saved our state budget as much as $100,000,000 and opened up educational options for thousands of students and their families across Colorado. My Medicaid reform measure could have had the same kind of impact on our ballooning Medicaid budget, while again, creating new options for seniors. This could have happened, but the majority party in Denver is too stuck in their ways of spending and taxing and so they rejected the innovation and kept on spending and taxing. We have to control our state government's insatiable desire to spend more money than it brings in. Particularly in these tough times we need some fiscal sanity and just plain common sense put back into in our state budget. As long as I have been in the legislature I have been advocating for a rainy-day fund. Now, it is raining hard, and we just keep on spending.

I will continue to push for these vitally needed reforms.

Friends, our battle for life and liberty is a step by step process and that simply means that we must support solid principles for good government.

Government must be limited to its proper jurisdiction and government must live within its means.

We should bring taxes down to a reasonable level. When mom and dad both work, and the pay check for one of them only covers the tax bills, taxes are too high.

Our state constitution includes an incredible document called the Taxpayer's Bill of Rights. TABOR has been good for our state. It has kept our tax and spend politicians from throwing us into the same deep hole that states like California have now fallen into. Even as some others are scheming to destroy TABOR, I pledge to you that I will continue to defend Colorado's Tax Payers Bill of Rights amendment.

As businesses across Colorado are challenged with their most difficult time in several decades, the state should implement policies that encourage businesses to thrive. That entails many things, but the first consideration is what it costs to do business in Colorado. We have to stop raising taxes and fees and start cutting them. I have supported, and I have run legislation, to phase out the personal business property tax. I have worked on solutions that might cure the choke-hold that the Gallagher Amendment has put on commercial properties. For good jobs and a healthy economy the best government policy for businesses is to get out of the way and let businesses grow.

As I stated earlier, I do believe in being a good steward for all of our state's natural resources. We need to keep our air and water clean, we must fully develop our water storage options and maximize the potential of our vast energy resources. My energy policy is all of the above.

It has been an honor and a privilege to defend common sense in government as the Senator for District 15. In 2010 I will be asking for the privilege of continuing that fight for our state.

I am asking for this privilege because I believe that we are a generous and compassionate people, and individuals, not governments, make the wisest choices on how to distribute their personal resources. I believe that private businesses, not government agencies, create the best kind of jobs. Freedom is the true measure of the American dream, and fewer laws which are vigorously enforced, not volumes of new laws, more accurately reflect the values for which our forefathers sacrificed.

My vote is always for your ability to determine your own destiny.

In closing, I would say that I believe in each one of you. I believe that freedom should still mean something in the 21st century. Civil government has an important role to play, but it should never, ever become so big and so powerful that it overwhelms our liberties with mandates, taxes, fees, and endless bureaucracies. I believe the American Dream is rooted in the solid principles of freedom and our job is to preserve that freedom for future generations.

Not long ago, I asked many of you to stand with me, and you did.

Now, I ask you to stand with us. Stand with us, and work with us.

Work with us as we resolve to:

Restore the Republican Party to its founding principles.

Restore the constitutions of the United States of America and the State of Colorado to their original intent and importance for the governance of this great land.

Restore our liberties that have been slowly stripped away from us. So slowly that at times we have not even noticed, but so surely that many are now waking up and standing up.

Finally, I must repeat what I have said from the very first day I ran for public office:

I do this because my wife, Sandy, and I have three children. Through these years they have grown up quite a bit, but their need for the best form of government I can leave them with has not changed. It hasn't changed for any of us.

It has been a rare privilege to serve you in the Colorado legislature for the past seven years. I would consider it a greater honor to continue that service for you, my friends and my neighbors, here in Larimer County.

Again, thank you for standing with us. Please help us raise the funds and the support we will need to make this campaign a great success in 2010.

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