Printed on 1/9/21

2011 Election and Taxes

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In Larimer County, and across the state, voters have spoken loud and clear. No more taxes.

People are saying they cannot afford to pay more. Even in Colorado, where the TABOR supposedly limits tax increases, taxes and fees have been going ever higher. The recent vote was a demand to end higher taxes.

There is also another theme I hear--no more excessive regulation. Government regulations and restrictions make our lives too complicated and too expensive in too many ways. Right here in Larimer County, our cars are a clear example. Between the recent registration and late fee increases, and the new emission testing requirements, owning a car has become a lot more difficult and a lot more expensive. Multiply this example times all of the other recent fee and regulation increases, and it amounts to tremendous burdens on Colorado citizens.

These are tough times. The cost of food, energy, and most other necessities continue to rise. Good jobs are hard to find. This is not the time to make government even more expensive.

We have to buckle down and find creative solutions that lowers the cost of government to a level the people can afford. Decision makers at all levels of government need to dig deeper into the fundamental questions concerning the appropriate role of government. If we are dedicated to securing our God-given rights of life and liberty, we cannot say yes to every tax, fee, and regulation.

I am convinced our state has incredible potential, despite all of the dire economic news around us. We can still create more jobs today and better opportunities for future generations, but only if we heed the counsel of the voters. Government needs to get out of the way, through lower taxes and regulations, and let the people flourish


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"2011 Taxpayer Champion"
- Colorado Union of Taxpayers